Why go for Naturist Massage Therapy

A Naturist massage is also commonly referred to as a naked or nude massage and it will generally involve both the masseuse and the person receiving the massage being naked for the duration of the massage session that they are involved in. A lot of people prefer this form of this therapy to the traditional forms of therapy that are commonly offered as it breaks down any barriers that exist between masseuse and client. This is said to be by many a very liberating experience and although the massage will not progress onto anything else it is just a very erotic form of therapy for a lot of people that indulge in this particular technique.

This is similar to people that are naturists for example. The aim of going to naturist beaches etc. is not to meet other people so much but more to be in the company of other likeminded people where they get an opportunity to express themselves how they want to.

There are not so many places that offer nude or naturist massage services and so it is probably best to take to the internet or to certain publications to find where these will be available. Some of the places that you come across may be more of asexual nature and will probably take a bit of filtering to find a genuine naturist massage parlour. There are also other options where you maybe able to get a visiting massage service, which for some can be a much better way of indulging in this form of therapy.

Naturist Massage is also something that can be used by couples to help re-ignite the spark in relationships for example and in some ways this crosses over into tantric and tantra style teachings. As well as being quite erotic in nature it can also be a great way to relax and unwind in a calm and relaxed environment.

The History of Massage

Massage is something now that is very commonly practiced for many people for a wide variety of reasons. It is something that actually dates back over4000 years originally when we look at ancient Chinese transcripts and is still an integral part of Chinese medicine. Although very popular since its inception in countries in the Far East, the United States did not actually learn about Swedish massage until the 1850’s when it was first introduced there.

It is through this very ‘hand on’ treatment whereby a massage therapist is able to work certain muscles through various techniques of kneading and stroking to produce the positive health effects that it is known to produce from treatment.

Massage is something that is performed on the whole body generally although in some parts of the wold they may focus on certain parts of the body i.e a head massage or a foot massage for example. As well as being great to relieve tension in the body, it can also help to reduce stress levels, improve circulation and also improve sleep in many people that use it.

Now the industry has grown to be very popular and is a common method for those looking to seek alternative therapy. This can be seen for example in the US where there are now more than 125,000 massage therapists practicing where 80 million massage appointments are made each year. This is also the case in the UK where numbers are growing rapidly. In the UK and in London in particular there is a growing number of therapists offering visiting massage services. So whether clients are looking for a visiting Japanese massage or an sexy lingam massage in London, there really is a lot of choice in the UK when it comes to therapists and therapies that are on offer

De-Stressing one’s Lifestyle

One of the best ways to start to de-stress ones lifestyle is to start making a list of all the things that can and do make you stressed out. This means looking also at sometimes certain people that may make you stressed. By doing this you can sometimes have a clearer perspective on what is good and what is not so good in your life at the current time.

There are of course some things that we can do nothing about generally. This might be for example stress at work where of course unless we change our job then this will not be something easy to change. Depending on the levels of stress being created though, this may in fact sometimes be the best solution. Generally though we can still make changes by really making an effort to lower our stress at work and this might be through pushing the reset button certain inflammatory relationships that we have or perhaps trying to cut down on working hours etc.

After you have managed to identify the things that are not so good for you and are now trying to change these things as much as you can, it is probably also a good idea to start trying to add in some time in your schedule where you focus on yourself and time to relax. This really can be anything from going for regular walks to more intense exercise and other activities for example. Equally it might also be just going for a nuru massage in London at the weekends or perhaps even going to visit some of tourist attractions for a day out.

There are also lots of alternative therapies that are also worth a look in when it comes to relaxation and this includes things like acupuncture and homoeopathy for example which can really help with a rnage of issues that are also related to stress such depression, anxiety and insomnia for example to name but a few.

Alternative Vocations

There are lots of different vocations that one can choose which are outside the norm these days which can be quite attractive for some that are fed up with earning lower wages. These types of jobs appeal to those who do not have many qualifications for example and therefore unless they have their own business may find it very difficult to achieve a decent level of income.

Other reasons why someone might use an alternate or high risk type of job is that they really need money for whatever reason, perhaps large debts or saving up for something big perhaps.

One example of a job that is outside the normal type of more socially acceptable jobs would be that of a tantric massage therapist. This would probably involve doing some time doing some tantric training and getting as qualification as a masseuse but the adult massage industry does in some cases have a bad reputation and it is something that would be very much frowned upon by most family members etc but does still give people that ability to earn a lot of money without doing a job with very long hours and some might say that it is quite easy money!

This is something that one can do as incall or outcall masseuses meaning that you can visit clients at their place or you can even work from home. Although this is very well paid job in most cases one does also need to be mindful of the fact that there are also lots of risks to this type of job and therefore in most cases initially at least it would probably be a better idea to seek employment with a well-known and trusted escort agency where the staff are well looked after, where regular checks are made on the staff as well as on the clients that are using the service.